An Orthodox Catechism

Hercules Collins was an early London Baptist pastor who was persecuted and jailed for his faith. He wrote this Baptist adaption of the Heidelberg Catechism in 1680 in order that…

you may not be shaken, shattered and carried away with everywind and blast, every puff and breath of Error, and Heresie; also that you may be the better established, strengthened, and settled on that sure Rock and Foundation of Salvation, Christ’s Merits, in opposition to the poor imperfect works of an impotent Creature …I have in charitable regard to your Souls, presented you with this small (but I am bold to say) sound piece of Divinity, which may not unfit-tingly be styled an Abridgment, or Epitome of Law and Gospel, suited to every ones capacity in God’s House: here is Milk for Babes, and Meat for strong Men.

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