Islam: A Religion of Peace? No!

Former Muslim, Nabeel Qureshi, explains the true nature of Islam - a stark contradiction to what is presented in popular news and television...


History of Islam

History of Islam Audio Summary: In the past 20-30 years, there has been increased research and interest concerning exactly how Islam really began. The orthodox view of Islam’s beginnings comes to us from material written and compiled 200-300 years after the fact. Jay Smith has been working in this area of historical research for the … Continue reading History of Islam

Persecuted Evangelist on Fox and Friends

David Wood, of Acts17 Apologetics Ministry, appears on Fox News to discuss being arrested for attending an Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI.   More information about the legal battle for basic Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech for Christians in the United States can be found at the following link: Thomas More Law Center.

Answers to Your Questions

David Wood, of Acts17 Ministries, answers your questions concerning last Friday nights arrest by Dearborn police.   LINK: Answers to Common Questions       Why would you preach Christianity at an Islamic festival? Wouldn’t you get upset if Muslims stormed your church? This wasn’t a Muslim festival, so the church comparison just doesn’t work. … Continue reading Answers to Your Questions

My Questions for the Mayor (Police) of Dearborn

In response to the police of the city of Dearborn arresting 3 people for nothing other than being Christian and exercising their Constitutional right to freedom of speech, I've sent the following letter to the Mayor and Chief of Police of Dearborn.  I will post a response here, should I receive one. 6/22/2010 Mayor (Police … Continue reading My Questions for the Mayor (Police) of Dearborn

Christians Arrested for Attending Arab Festival… Dearborn, MI, USA CLARIFICATION! Most of the feedback I've received concerning this post stem from people not understanding the order of the events during this past weekend. I've re-posted the information below in the order the events take place so to make things more clear... Nabeel, David, Nageen, and Paul (Acts17 Ministry) were arrested … Continue reading Christians Arrested for Attending Arab Festival…