In How Many Ways May We Glorify God?

9780851511443In my last post, I wrote about the purpose of life – to glorify God!

In this, I look at how we do this. To this end, we turn our attention to Thomas Watson’s masterful work, A Body of Divinity – a really great and readable Puritan work and one my my top 5 books every Christian should read.

In chapter 1 of Watson’s book, he writes about what it means to glorify God and why we should do it. He then, in typical Puritan form, goes on to expound 17 ways by which we can glorify God. I’ve listed those items below, but for more, you’ll have to read Watson for yourself.

In How Many Ways May We Glorify God?

  1. By aiming at God’s glory above all things.
  2. By confessing our sins
  3. By trusting in God fully
  4. By being jealous for His honor in the world
  5. By bearing fruit
  6. By being content with God’s Providence
  7. By our growing in grace
  8. By giving our life to Him and the gospel
  9. By walking cheerfully
  10. By standing up for truth
  11. By praising Him
  12. By being zealous for His name
  13. By exercising temperance
  14. By drawing others to God
  15. By suffering for God
  16. By giving God the praise for all we accomplish
  17. By living a holy life

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