Benjamin Keach’s Articles of Faith, 1697

Recently, the 1689 Federalism Blog posted some excerpts from Benjamin Keach’s 1697 Confession of Faith, written for the Baptist Church at Horsley-down, England. A church which would later be moved by the famous Baptist Pastor John Gill to Carter Lane, Southwark, and then to New Park Street, where it was pastored by Charles Spurgeon!

Regular readers of the Abraham’s Seed blog, and those interested in Baptist history, need no introduction to Benjamin Keach.  He was an early founding father of the Baptist faith who suffered for preaching and teaching the ‘faith once delivered.’ He was a prolific author and teacher who was very influential in the early movement. Two of Keach’s most famous contributions to the Baptists are his Catechism and his introduction of congregational hymn signing. A couple short biographical sketches of Keach are provided below:

The link below will take you to a new page on the blog that contains a confession of faith that Keach authored for his church at Horsley-down in 1697. It would seem that the 1677 confession had fallen into disuse (due to high printing costs) and Keach wanted to leave behind a brief summary of the doctrine which he taught before leaving his pulpit. The confession is a masterful summary of Christian doctrine and closely follows the Baptist confession and Keach’s Catechism (Keach’s congregation was apparently well taught).

Keach’s Confession

I took the text of the confession from the one scanned and put online by the University of Michigan’s Early English Books project.  Please read and enjoy and let me know of any typing errors you find.


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