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For the last 7-8 years the Particular Baptists have had a strong and growing presence in the blogosphere.  Now the ladies are joining in on the fun!  Introducing Reformed Baptista – a new new blog for “Baptist Women of a 1689 persuasion“. 

A brief welcome below from the “Reformed Baptista” team –

A few months ago I was browsing several Christian blogs. There are outstanding blogs out there written by women, but personally I wanted something that would focus the lens to a Confessional Reformed Baptist viewpoint. Not much appeared on my Google radar, so my husband suggested I start one, thus the creation of Reformed Baptista. My goals for this blog are to work through the 1689, explore a bit of Baptist history, and provide edification and encouragement for women. Links to online sermons, papers, and other media may also pop up from time to time. If there’s anything you would like to read about, let me know.

Ultimately I hope this blog will cause you to consider Christ, search the Scriptures, and praise the triune God. To Him be all the glory.


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