Hercules Collins Reading List, part 1

Given the recent re-publication of Hercules CollinsOrthodox Catechism, there is some renewed interest in his writings and works. In this light, our friends at Particular Voices have published a small snippet from “The Temple Repaired” which contains Collins’ recommended reading list for “those inclined to the ministry“:

I’ve collected below links to locations where these works can be found today:

(This is part 1 of 2…)

  1. Poole’s Annotations on the Holy Bible: Volume 1, Volume 2
  2. The Dutch Annotations on the Holy Bible
  3. Joseph Caryl Commentary on Job
  4. The Works of William Perkins (HERE or HERE)
  5. Francis Roberts’ Clavis Bibliorum: The key of the Bible
  6. Edward Leigh’s A System or Body of Divinity (10 Volumes!!)
  7. Wilson’s Dictionary
  8. Works of Jeremiah Burroughs
  9. The Works of Richard Sibbes
  10. The Works of Edward Reynolds
  11. The Works of John Preston
  12. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
  13. William Ames Marrow of Sacred Divinity
  14. Alexander Grosse’s A Fiery Pillar of Heavenly Truth
  15. John Owen’s A Brief Declaration and Vindication of The Doctrine of the Trinity
  16. Bates’ Harmony of the Divine Attributes (SGCB)
  17. Elisha Coles’ Practical Discourse on God’s Sovereignty
  18. Commentaries of James Durham
  19. David Dickson’s Brief Explication of the Psalms
  20. Dickson’s Commentary on Matthew
  21. Hutcheson’s Exposition of the XII Small Prophets
  22. Hutcheson’s Exposition of John
  23. Calvin’s Institutes
  24. Ursinus’ Catechisms
  25. Works of Anthony Burgess (more works HERE)
  26. Ainsworth’s Annotations on Pentateuch and Psalms

Part 2 coming soon…

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