You Are Saved Through Faith; Not Because of It

Make no mistake about it, faith is the instrument through which we receive our salvation (Gal 3:1, Eph 2:8, Rom 1:17, 4:16, 5:1)!  In this sense – Yes, we are saved by faith!!! But, let us remember that our confidence is not in the genuineness and strength of our own faith, but rather, our confidence, faith, and hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ and his redeeming work. When we put our eyes of faith on our own sincerity, we find shaky ground for our hope and we waver in disbelief and lack of assurance. When hope is grounded in that sure rock of our salvation, we find no room to waver.

Feileadh Mor

faithwithoutworksOctavius Winslow, Personal Declension

Be careful of not making a Savior of faith. There is a danger – and it cannot be too vigilantly guarded against – of substituting the work of the Spirit for the work of Christ; this mistake it is that leads so many of God’s saints to look within, instead of without, themselves for the evidences of their calling and acceptance; and thus, too, so many are kept all their spiritual course walking in a state of bondage and fear, the great question never fully and fairly settled, or, in other words, never quite sure of their sonship. The work of Christ is a great and finished work; it is so glorious that it can admit of no comparison, so complete that it can allow of no addition, and so essential that it can give place to no substitution. Precious as is the work of the…

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