Helpful Historic Works on Baptist Covenant Theology

I’m reading Pascal Denault’s excellent work on “The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology“, which is a comparison between the Federalism of the 17th Century Particular Baptists and Paedobaptists (i.e. Presbyterians and Reformed).  This is certainly one work that lives up to it’s hype and when I finish the book I hope to blog more on some of its themes.  Listed below are some of the key 17th century Baptist works cited by Pascal.  I’m hoping to find all of these (eventually) and read several of them to learn more about this most excellent and satisfying method for understanding God’s Plan for the ages and how the covenants fit together.

The site where the text of “A Treatise Concerning the Lawful Subject of Baptism” was formerly hosted no longer exists. The church that formerly hosted it had a copyright on it (in the 90s, if I remember), but I cannot find it hosted anywhere now. I’ve created a page on Abrahamsseed for this work until I can find if the copyright is in force or if the work is hosted somewhere else.

A fragment of Edward Hutchinson’s work may be found HERE.

If you know where any of the unfound documents above can be found on the internet, please leave a URL in the comments section below.

Many thanks and happy reading!


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