Dr. Kruger’s Top Ten Books on the Authority of Scripture

The primary means of attack on the Gospel of Grace is and always has been a fight over “The Authority of Scripture”. Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Muslims, Athiests, ‘Christian’ Liberals, and Deist “social conservatives” all alike focus their anti-Gospel attacks on the Word of God: they question it’s authenticity, canon-icity, reliability, inspiration, and ultimately it’s authority.

Dr. Michael Kruger is a Bible believer who has written scholarly and lay books defending the cannon and authority of Scripture. Here is Dr. Kruger’s top 10 list of books on the subject of authority (here’s a hint, the original classic is still the best):

Top Ten Books on the Authority of Scripture

10. D. A. Carson and John Woodbridge, eds., Scripture and Truth (Baker, 1983); idem, Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon (Zondervan, 1986).

9. Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics: Prolegomena (vol. 1): Part IV: Revelation (Baker Academic, 2003).

8. E. J. Young, Thy Word Is Truth (Banner of Truth, 1963).

7. Ned Stonehouse and Paul Woolley, eds., The Infallible Word: A Symposium by the Members of the Faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary (P&R, 1946).

6. J.I. Packer, ‘Fundamentalism’ and the Word of God (Eerdmans, 1958).

5. William Whitaker, Disputations on Holy Scripture (Soli Deo Gloria, 2000).

4. John Owen, The Divine Original: Authority, Self-Evidencing Light, and Power of the Scriptures, vol. 16 of Owen’s Collected Works (Banner of Truth, 1988).

3. Meredith Kline, The Structure of Biblical Authority (1971).

2. John Frame, The Doctrine of the Word of God (P&R, 2010).

1. B. B. Warfield, The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible, with intro by Van Til (P&R, 1948).

Click HERE to see the original article on Dr. Kruger’s site.


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