Lent for Protestants?

Recently some soft ‘Evangelical’ leaders have gained some notoriety by soft peddling traditions from the Romanist religion. One that seems to be gaining some popularity is the observance of Lent. Should Protestants celebrate lent?

Before you consider the Lent issue, the first question you must ask yourself is whether you are even Protestant? See ‘What Protestants Believe‘.

If you are of the true Faith, you must guard your soul lest you be seduced by that subtle lusty whore (Rev 17:5). The following articles will help you understand the historical, Biblical, Protestant, and true view of this Roman practice.


2 thoughts on “Lent for Protestants?

  1. Andrew: Thank you for posting this. We live in very dangerous times with subtle compromises going on continually. Things unthinkable a generation ago are assumed unquestioningly by most of those who imagine that they are children of God. It grows easier all the time to see how most of the 7 churches in Asia got to be characterized like they were in Rev. 2-3, and how they are increasingly applicable and relevant in our own times.

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