The Incarnation: Good News of Great Joy

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas and disdain the commercialized Christmas Season, it is a fine idea to spend some time meditating on the meaning of the incarnation. Although Scripture gives no command, nor sets precedent, for a celebration of Jesus’ birth, the incarnation is of central importance to the believer in Christ. It is the most profound fact of all history that the Creator of the Universe would enter into his Creation in all lowliness and humiliation to redeem his people from their sins.

For a series of daily devotions on the incarnation for the month of December, see John Piper booklet – Good News of Great Joy – which is freely available as PDF and in eReader formats. Charles Spurgeon’s feelings on the issue, see:

The Incarnation and Birth of Christ, A Sermon Delivered on December 23rd, 1855

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