James Gray on Mastering the Bible

Below are a couple links to blog articles which overview the synthetic Bible study method of Dr. James Gray. Gray was former President of Moody Bible Institute and one of the authors/editors of the Scofield Reference Bible.

James Gray on Mastering the Bible (Fred Sanders)
How to Change Your Mind (Joe Carter)

Essentially, the system boils down to reading and rereading a single Bible book over and over until you internalize it and then move on to another book. I first heard of this method in a John MacArthur sermon, but have later come to realize that this method pre-dates MacArthur by quite a bit.

You can read the book for free by clicking the image below –


2 thoughts on “James Gray on Mastering the Bible

  1. Way too simple. Pray and read a book over and over? The 21st century Amazon.com Christian will never go for it. Now let’s see if I can master Genisis by August.

    • Funny, Ron…

      I’m surprised there is not yet a ‘Purpose Driven Bible’.

      I don’t know if you can *master* Genesis by August, but I think Christians would do better to read the Bible more instead of reading ‘about’ the Bible and other topics.

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