Happy Halloween?

A Candy Day?

A 'Christian' pumpkin?

For many American Christians, the celebration of October 31st means candy, witches, and ghosts. For many, it is a harmless affair and stirs sentimental childhood memories of spooky fun, pranks, and excitement. To conscientious believers, it is a day of pagan ritual under a not-so-thin veneer of innocent childish fun. As America become more and more secular, it is no surprise to find Halloween becoming more and more popular. In fact, Halloween is fast becoming America’s favorite ‘adult’ holiday, surpassing even the annual New Years Eve drunk-fest.

A Reformation Day?

Halloween is not a universal holiday. Four of Germany’s Federal States, for instance, celebrate October 31st as Reformationstag (Reformation Day) as a state holiday – most especially in Thuringia and Saxony where most of the notable reformation events took place. Of course, in the ‘Romanist’ German states, the more paganized ‘All Saints Day (All Hallows)‘, to which Halloween is a decendant, is celebrated.

A ‘Christian’ Devils Night?

It is sad to me to note how many American Evangelical churches cave in to the ‘times’ by having ‘christianized’ celebrations of this pagan festival. It is also amusing to note how other churches try to ignore the holiday by having Fall Family Festivals that happen to closely (and coincidentally) co-incide with all-Hallows Eve. Wouldn’t it make more sense for so called ‘Bible’ churches to celebrate the beginning of the end of Papal kingdom building and tyranny and the restoration of the gospel of grace and the restoration of God’s infallible Word, rather than to celebrate witches and ghosts (or harvest or whatever)?

Does October 31st Mean Anything to You?

I think that too many Evangelical and Fundamentalist are either totally ignorant of Christian history or are so revolted by  Protestant doctrine  related to original sin and the Sovereignty of God, that they would rather avoid the Reformation altogether. It is probably easier to ignore the holiday or to adapt it in some way.

Too bad we don’t rather celebrate that which is worth celebrating!! Then again, I guess that wouldn’t be much fun.


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