New Page: What Calvinists Believe

My blog is not meant to be an apologetic for Sovereign grace, but I’ve added a page on what Calvinists believe to serve as a reference.  What prompted me to do this was in listening to a recent podcast of The Dividing Line in which a new, self-published book was being reviewed: The Cultish Side of Calvinism.  The book itself seems to be an amateurish, ignorant, hack job from a Pentacostal Youth Pastor who lacks the scholastic aptitude and honesty to quote original sources.  Why research when slander is so much easier?  Regardless, what is most disturbing about this self published work is the endorsements it received from otherwise mature, honest, respected theologians such as Paige Patterson.  Why Dr. Patterson would soil his reputation with such a foolish work is beyond me.  Perhaps Dr. Patterson is so blind by his fleshly tradition that he is willing to sacrifice his reputation for any work that takes snipes at his theological foes.

It seems to me that every time some two-bit Fundamentalist or Pentacostal man-pleaser writes a flesh exalting work like this, they must create a ridiculous straw man to represent the viewpoint of those on the other side.  Instead of doing the hard work of reading the original sources, they simply quote from their favorite booklet or tract (or internet discussion board or blog) that appears to be in their favor.  The author of the Cultish Side of Calvinism was stupid enough to quote from a Lutheran poem against Calvinism that not only impugns grace, but it also mocks Calvinists for denying the physical presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper and for not using images in worship.  Did the author even understand the implications of what he was quoting?  Doubtful.

I’ve created the page: What Calvinists Believe to serve as a summary of basic Calvinist doctrine as defined by the Synod of Dort during the Arminian controversy of the early 17th Century.


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