Intro to Meredith Kline

Meredith Kline is a former professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary (both of them) and is a recognized scholar in Old Testament Biblical Theology (especially the book of Genesis). Although I disagree with his framework theory of Creation, his teaching on Covenant Theology, especially his republication theory, seems very interesting to me. I am not theologically astute enough to make a detailed accounting for the ways in which Klinean Covenant Theology differs from that of other popular theologians such as John Murray and OP Robertson, but from what I understand, his view of the Mosaic Covenant is very similar to what I’ve read (and agree with) from AW Pink.

Some of Dr. Kline’s former associates and students have created a website to host some of his papers and MP3s of his lectures. Click the picture below to check it out.

If you would like a less technical introduction to Kline’s theology, see the MP3 section of Lee Iron’s website.  Some of Iron’s lectures can be found below:

Intro to Kline Handout (HTML)
Intro to Kline Lecture 1a
Intro to Kline Lecture 1b
Intro to Kline Lecture 2a
Intro to Kline Lecture 2b
Intro to Kline Lecture 3a
Intro to Kline Lecture 3b
Intro to Kline Lecture 4a
Intro to Kline Lecture 4b
Intro to Kline Lecture 5a
Intro to Kline Lecture 5b
Intro to Kline Lecture 6a
Intro to Kline Lecture 6b


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