Wanted: Book on Fruit of the Spirit

Is anyone out there aware of any short devotional works on the Fruit of the Spirit? I thought it would be easy to find some devotional Puritan works (Watson, etc) on that subject, but I’ve searched to no avail.



7 thoughts on “Wanted: Book on Fruit of the Spirit

    • JM –

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

      By the way, what is a loonie bin? I’ve heard it used as a slang term for an insane asylum. Hopefully that it not what you meant. :>

      • I’m Canadian. The dollar here is referred to as a loonie because it has a Loon on one side of it. It cost me a $1 or 2 when I bought it.

      • The culturally distinct idioms for “loony bin” will make a great sermon illustration someday, I feel certain!! 🙂

    • Pastor Jeffery –

      Thanks for the ‘second’ on Winslow.

      I’m working my way through commentaries on Galatians, beginning with Luther and Calvin, now Geneva Study Bible notes, and soon whatever Puritans I can find (Henry, Poole, etc) and then some 19th Century stuff from Google books. I’ve seen a lot of Puritan devotional writing on things like the ten commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes, etc., I thought there must be some heart-warming work out there dedicated to the fruit of the Spirit that I could read along side of the commentaries. Looking through Spurgeon’s sermons (etc.) is a good idea.

      May God continue to bless your ministry, Pastor.

      Your friend,


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