Hermeneutics of Baptist Covenant Theology

Press the PLAY button below to hear a lecture from Dr. Fred Malone on the hermeneutics that led him to become a Baptist. This sermon provides a good basic overview of hermeneutics – the science of interpretation and serves as a good polemic against paedo-baptism. Dr. Malone explains that Evangelical and Reformed hermeneutic principles, consistently applied, leads to a Baptist Covenant Theological position.

Some of the widely agreed to principles of Biblical Interpretation include:

  1. Inspiration/Inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures
  2. Literal-Grammatical-Historical Method
  3. Analogy of Faith – Scripture interprets Scripture
  4. Perspicuity of Scripture – Scripture is clear enough such that any person (of average intelligence and ability to learn) can understand what is required for salvation and godliness
  5. Unity of Scripture – OT and NT are the Word of God and complimentary to each other
  6. Diversity of Scripture – Scripture is given as a progressive revelation (study Biblical Covenants>
  7. The NT is the final revelation of God to man – it is the most clear revelation of God and explains the type and shadow of OT revelation
  8. Priority of the New Testament – it is the final interpretation of OT
  9. OT contains type/shadow, explained by NT revelation
  10. There is a priority among principles of Biblical Interpretation
  11. Priorities

    • The near context is more determinative of meaning than a far context
    • A didactic discussion of a subject is more significant for that subject than an historical narrative
    • Explicit teaching is more significant than an implication drawn from other texts
    • Literal passages are more determinate than symbolic passages
    • Later passages are more determinate than earlier ones

Dr. Malone recommends the book: Principles of Biblical Interpretation, written by Louis Berkhof as a basic introduction to the field. You may find this book at Amazon by clicking the book cover below:

See also my 3 part review of Dr. Berkhof’s text at the links below:

Berkhof on Basic Bible Interpretation
Berkhof on Grammatical Interpretation
Berkhof on Historical Interpretation
Berkhof on Theological Interpretation


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