Family Worship

For those who are meditating on how to incorporate a more devotional love for Christ in their family life in the new year, the following short document might provide some basic direction. Just prior to their publishing of the Westminster Confession of Faith in 1647, the Westminster Assembly published a short manual (directory) on Public Worship. The Directory encourages Public Worship on the Lord’s Day, Private Daily “Secret” Worship by each individual Christian twice daily, and daily Worship together by every Christian family.

Some history of the Directory can be found HERE.


BESIDES the publick worship in congregations, mercifully established in this land in great purity, it is expedient and necessary that secret worship of each person alone, and private worship of families, be pressed and set up; that, with national reformation, the profession and power of godliness, both personal and domestick, be advanced.


Though the guide is written in dated language, some parts may be found mildly disagreeable, and though the guide is not detailed, perhaps a quick perusal will stimulate a heart desire to unite our families in Worship of our Triune God.

The directory can be read at the following link: Directory for Family Worship

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5 thoughts on “Family Worship

  1. Good stuff, Andrew. Matthew Henry’s A church in the house and Joel Beeke’s The Family at Church are also very helpful resources for the topic of family worship.

    Grace to you, brother!

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