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In honor of the 400th anniversary of the first publishing of the King James Version of the Holy Bible, I’m starting a blog article to serve as a sort of repository for links to articles written about this monumental work. If you know of other resources – articles, blogs, etc about the KJV or its 400th anniversary, please contribute in the comments section below.

I’ll try to continue to update this posting as I find more information.


Justin Taylor’s Blog

“How Did the King James Bible Come To Be? (Part 1)”

“The Growth of the King James Bible (Part 2)”

“The Influence of the Bible on Literature & Culture (Part 3)”

KJVOnly? Debate Blog

Happy 400th Anniversary KJV – A History
A Video Review of A Visual History of the KJB*

*See video at bottom of this post

King James Bible Trust (downloadable PDF)

YouTube Bible Project

Donald Brake

Author of A Visual History of the King James Bible (see video review by Bob Hayton in this post)

Interview at HavenToday.org: Part 1 (April 25, 2011), Part 2 (April 26, 2011)

Was the King James Bible Published on May 2nd, 1611?

Dr. Leland Ryken

The Legacy of the King James Bible – Reformed Cast Interview

What Makes the King James Version Great? – Ref21 Blog

Justin Taylor Interviews Leland Ryken

JasonS Reviews Ryken’s Book on KJV

GreenBaggins Reads Ryken’s Book on KJV

Ryken: Legacy of the King James [video:interview, via Feiledh Mohr]

Trinitarian Bible Society

400th Anniversary Commemorative Events

PDF Booklet – A Wonderful and Unfinished History


Cambridge University Celebrates the 400th (27 April 2011) – Zwinglius Redivivus

Baylor University Celebrates the 400th Conference

Geneva Reformed Seminary 400th Anniversary Celebration Lecture Series

Christianity Today

A World Without the King James Version, Mark Noll

Shakespeare, Aesop, or King James? (Quiz)

Misc Christian Internet Sites

400th Anniversary of the King James Bible (Virginia Huguenot)

Reading the KJV (Virginia Huguenot)>

Christian History Mag Celebrates 400th Anniversary

KJ Bible and English Language

The Desirability of Keeping the Authorized Version – Feileadh Mor

John Chitty’s Blog Posts

Four Hundred Years – SharperIron

Happy 400th Birthday – Crosswalk Article

Remembering the 400th Anniversary – 3Rs Blog

Secular Sources


King James Bible – History and Readings – BBC

King James Bible: How it changed the way we speak – BBC

Other Links of Note

The King James Bible at 400 – NY Times
Why the King James Bible Endures
The Lasting Impact Of The King James Bible, 400 Years Later – NPR

King James Bible Borrowed From Earlier Translation – NPR

Commemorative Print Editions

400th Anniversary Edition – Oxford

Red, White, and Blue

KJV 400th Anniversary Bible – B&H Publishing

KJV1611 400th Anniversary Edition


<a title=”Link to KJB: The Book That Changed the World directed by Norman Stone” href=”http://www.fundamentallyreformed.com/2011/03/07/kjb-the-book-that-changed-the-world-directed-by-norman-stone/&#8221; rel=”bookmark”>KJB: The Book That Changed the World – Review by FundamentallyReformed (KJBtheFilm.com)

A Short History of the KJV from St Helen’s Church


8 thoughts on “KJV400 Links

  1. Thanks John, especially for the link to the trust. I wonder if the KJVO Debates blog know about this. The site looks like a really useful resource. I may try to find a spot on my blog for a link to it.

    • I’ll send Bob a link about it. I just “liked” the KJBT Facebook fan page. Are you on Facebook? When I saw the composition awards, I looked to see if I could enter, just for the fun of it, but it’s for young folks–I would’ve had to have been born after 1980. I was going to see if I could enter my “Old King James” song 😉

  2. The original 1611 King James Bible has the authentic spellings, capitalization, and punctuation used by the translators themselves, before centuries of changes began to occur. Set in roman type for easy reading. Includes the marginal notes of the translators, the Apocrypha, and the full preface, “From the Translators to the Reader.” — $31.49


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