A New Marrow Blog

There is a new biblio-blog in the blogo-sphere – The Marrow Project. The purpose of the blog is to serve as a platform for a few friends to blog their way through The Marrow of Modern Divinity during 2011. The site includes a link to Amazon to buy a copy of the book and a printable reading plan so you can follow along. 2011 will promise to be a spiritually rich year if you purchase a copy of the book with Thomas Boston’s notes and follow along week-by-week.



2 thoughts on “A New Marrow Blog

  1. Great, Bob.

    I hope you post some of your insights on your blog.

    Hopefully you’ll find The Marrow to be a wonderfully rich introduction to Covenant Theology. Search the internet for a 3 sermon series from Sinclair Ferguson over-viewing “The Marrow Controversy” in early 18th Century Scotland.

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