Nothing In my Hand I Bring…

…Simply to Thy Cross I Cling!

Ray Galea recounts his experiences growing up in Roman Catholicism and his conversion to Christianity HERE

Notable Quote –

The problem with Catholic teaching is that it panders to the inherent desire within the human heart to cooperate and participate in its own redemption. This desire is at the core of every major Catholic error. When you think of distinctive Catholic doctrines, the one factor which is common to them all is that they undermine the person and work of Christ in some way. For instance, the doctrine of purgatory teaches that Jesus didn’t really complete the work of purification on the cross. Again, the need for a priest to mediate between us and God undermines the fact that Christ is our sole mediator. Furthermore, the Catholic teaching about priesthood ignores the fact that God has given all his people certain priestly functions and privileges. For instance, Christians now have direct access to the Father through Christ. However, the Catholic Church has removed this in a variety of ways so that now people are forced to go through human priests and the repeated celebration of the mass.

Read a similar conversion story from a former Roman priest, Richard Bennett:

From Tradition to Truth


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