What Are They Afraid Of?

A couple days ago someone on the Reformed Baptist Discussion List, an e-mail discussion list, asked for resources for someone new to Covenant Theology. I wrote and recommended, of course, The Marrow. The ‘Reformed’ Baptists for some reason seem to have censored my recommendation, because the next day, I received the following in reply:

Your request to the rblist mailing list

Posting of your message titled “Re: Best Intro books Covenant

has been rejected by the list moderator. The moderator gave the
following reason for rejecting your request:

“Your message was rejected”

What Are They Trying to Hide?

Discover for yourself the brilliance of this charming little book…


[EDIT: OK so the above was written a little tongue in cheek.  In fact, I received an e-mail from the list moderator stating that my e-mail was mis-formated  and could be fixed and re-submitted.  So… I guess they are not trying to suppress the Marrow    …or are they?  Could it be a cover up?  A grand conspiracy?  Read the Marrow for yourself and you decide!]


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