On September 27, 2009, John Piper’s Church and Bible College hosted a rountable discussion of eschatology between defenders of each of the three principle schools of millennialism: pre- (before), post- (after), and a- (non or realized). The dialogue lasted over two hours and featured some pretty interesting and intense (yet charitable) back-and-forth between the proponent for Amillennialism (Pastor Sam Storms) and Premillennialism (Professor Jim Hamilton). The audio/video for the event can be found below:

An Evening of Eschatology

The Challenge to Premillennialism

As part of the fallout from the round table discussion, Justin Taylor, Christian blogger and book publisher extraordinaire published his own personal comments on the evening on his blog and re-published some of the same arguments that Sam Storms had made (Problems with Premillennialism) a few years earlier (Nov 7, 2006) on his blog, Enjoying God. The post from Justin Taylor and comments can be found at the following link:

What You Must Believe If You Are a Premillennialist

The Response to the Challenge

In response to Justin Taylor and Sam Storms, SBTS professor and premillennial defender, Jim Hamilton, offers a response. Professor Hamilton’s response and comments can be found at the following link:

Response to JT on What Premillennialists Must Believe


4 thoughts on “Premillennialism

  1. Hmmmm….

    I have the Hoekema book, but I’ve not yet read it. I should probably read it along side these lectures. I’ve come to the two-age model through reading GE Ladd.

    Thanks for the tip!


  2. I might be mistaken but I believe I remember Jim McClarty of GCA offering to debate Kim Riddlebarger over this issue.

    Here’s is a youtube video of one of the lectures;

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