Benjamin Keach

Benjamin Keach

Benjamin Keach

Subscribers to the Abraham’s Seed blog will no doubt note that Benjamin Keach has been selected as the ‘Patron Saint’ of the blog and my personal avatar for my comments and postings elsewhere. This stalwart Particular Baptist pastor and hero of the separatist movement in 17th Century England is the epitome Baptist ministry – 10 years a poor traveling evangelist and then 36 years as pastor of one congregation. Keach pastored the church eventually pastored by Baptist heros John Gill and Charles Spurgeon. Keach was influential in the early founding of the early Baptist Faith, having been instrumental in the writing of both the Baptist Confession of Faith and Baptist Catechism. Keach is also credited with including hymn singing into Baptist worship services.

I found the following quote regarding Benjamin Keach from a book entitled, History and repository of pulpit eloquence, which was written in the mid-1800s. Following the blurb about Keach is a sermon Keach preached about the sufficiency of Scripture.


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