Answers to Your Questions


David Wood, of Acts17 Ministries, answers your questions concerning last Friday nights arrest by Dearborn police.


LINK: Answers to Common Questions




Why would you preach Christianity at an Islamic festival? Wouldn’t you get upset if Muslims stormed your church?

This wasn’t a Muslim festival, so the church comparison just doesn’t work. This was an Arab festival—i.e. a cultural event—and people of all faiths were invited. For a more accurate parallel, let’s suppose that New York City decides to host a German festival, and that everyone is welcome. Let’s say that two Muslims show up to the German festival, and are approached by a mob of Christians, who curse at the Muslims, harass them, insult them, and threaten them, while the Muslims respond peacefully. Would it be acceptable to arrest the Muslims? Of course not. So why do so many Muslims find it acceptable to treat two Christians this way? Perhaps it’s because the Qur’an describes us as the “worst of creatures” (Qur’an 98:6).

Why would you hand out materials, knowing that this was against the rules?

This is a Muslim misrepresentation. We weren’t handing out anything either in 2009 or when we were arrested in 2010. A group of us tried to distribute materials two days later (Sunday) outside the festival, and we were stopped. But at no point did we ever attempt to distribute anything inside the festival.

I found another interesting question and answer on the Acts17 blog – Answering Muslims.

Anonymous Steve asks…

Isn’t it shameful that purportedly Christian people would dis-obey a legal order requiring they maintain a distance from this Muslim festival site? I wonder if these purportedly Christian missionaries read much of Paul’s writings? Can they point to his use of flagrant confrontational tactics in sharing the Good News — if not, why do they persist in their desire to be so confrontational?

David Wood’s Answer

Hi Steve,

When were we told to maintain a distance from the festival? When we were told to move five blocks away, we did. We never disobeyed police officers. So are you deliberately misrepresenting things?


2 thoughts on “Answers to Your Questions

  1. “Isn’t it shameful that purportedly Christian people would dis-obey a legal order requiring they maintain a distance from this Muslim festival site?”

    1. The US doesn’t belong to Muslims. They don’t own our nation. We’re entitled to go wherever they go. It’s not as if Americans are trespassing.

    2. The police don’t have anything like unlimited authority to order American citizens around. They work for us, we don’t work for them. Police can only issue lawful commands.

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