My Questions for the Mayor (Police) of Dearborn

In response to the police of the city of Dearborn arresting 3 people for nothing other than being Christian and exercising their Constitutional right to freedom of speech, I’ve sent the following letter to the Mayor and Chief of Police of Dearborn.  I will post a response here, should I receive one.

Mayor (Police Chief) –

I wonder if you might comment on the situation this weekend where Christian men were arrested for passing out religious literature on public city streets.

From watching the video of the arrest, it appears the men who doing nothing other than passing out free literature to whoever would like to receive it.

Why were the men arrested and what crime are the men charged with?

Does the city of Dearborn plan to continue to suppress Civil rights of American citizens?

Does Dearborn no longer recognize the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights?

Andrew Suttles

The city of Dearborn can be contacted: HERE.


The Mayor of Dearborn responds to my letter on July 9

Letter from Mayor of Dearborn


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2 thoughts on “My Questions for the Mayor (Police) of Dearborn

  1. Very interesting and disturbing. Why do Christian groups act so irresponsibly and cause dishonor to the cause of Christ?!?

    Thanks for posting the response. I assume that’s a general letter he sends to others who have been moved to contact them due to the misleading claims of Acts 17.

    • No doubt it is a form letter, but I was pleased that they took the time to e-mail a link to everyone who wrote them. I really wish they would release the video tape so that we could all review what happened and judge for ourselves. The Acts17 group will be in court today (I think), so we’ll hopefully be able to find out how things stand.

      If the things in the letter are true, it sounds like BOTH Acts17 AND Dearborn PD were looking for a fight. That is too bad. The letter somewhat sours my enthusiasm for the group (especially since other Christians were able to witness unmolested). I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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