Christians Arrested for Attending Arab Festival…

…in Dearborn, MI, USA


Most of the feedback I’ve received concerning this post stem from people not understanding the order of the events during this past weekend. I’ve re-posted the information below in the order the events take place so to make things more clear…

Nabeel, David, Nageen, and Paul (Acts17 Ministry) were arrested on Friday night when a confrontational group of Muslims recognized and confronted Nabeel at the Dearborn, MI Arab festival. Nabeel was the ONLY one talking to the Arab Musilms.  Nabeel was NOT passing out literature and he was not confronting anyone and he did NOT disobey or resist the police.  The police, afraid to incite violence from the Muslim crowd, took the path of least resistance by arresting the Christians (and confiscating their cameras) in order to pacify the crowd, under the guise of ‘breach of the peace and disorderly conduct’.  This is known as a “heckler’s veto”and has been condemned by the Supreme Court as a violation of free speech.  You can’t arrest people constitutionally for fear of violence from the targeted audience.

The Christians did not break the law (or resist police) and they will not (should not) be convicted.

If the Dearborn police release the video of the mob harassing Nabeel, the whole issue will be cleared up. Why won’t they release the video?

Muslims chant and yell, “Allahu Akhbar!”

The following four Christians were arrested last Friday night, their video camera was confiscated, and they spent the night in jail for attending the Dearborn, MI Arab Festival.

The first hand accounts of the arrest and police harassment can be found below:

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Christians Again Hassled by Police (6/20)

…for Offering Bibles to the City Streets of Dearborn, MI!


Two days after being arrested, Christian Evangelists pass out Gospels of John on the city streets of Dearborn, MI and are hassled by what appears to be about a dozen police officers. The Christians were present for less than 3 minutes!

The Christians responded peacefully and moved 5 city blocks away from the Arab event.


The city of Dearborn can be contacted: HERE.


President Obama Honors Police Chief Haddad


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