Disputations on Holy Scripture, Beggars All

William Whitaker

William Whitaker (1547-1595) was an Oxford-trained theologian of significant influence and prestige. One of his most important treatises was Disputations on Holy Scripture, a work that set out to explain and defend the principle of Sola Scriptura over and against the arguments of Rome’s foremost apologists.

Matthew D. Shultz is starting a new blog series on William Whitaker’s Disputations at the excellent apologetics blog: Beggars All: Reformation and Apologetics. See links below for a repository of all posts in the study. See the comment section to review the venomous cavils that have already been laid against but the introductory post. This will certainly prove to be a beneficial series, if not one that will enflame the minions of anti-christ.

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1 – Authority of Scripture
  3. Part 2 – NT Canon
  4. Part 3 – Internal/External Testimony to the Canon
  5. Part 4 – Internal Witness of the Holy Spirit
  6. Part 5 – Authority of the Church
  7. Part 6 – Authority of the Church, part 2
  8. Part 7 – Authority of Scripture Over the Church, part 1
  9. Part 8 – The Vicious Circle
  10. Part 9 – Whitaker’s Seventh Argument
  11. Part 10 – Whitaker’s Eigth Argument
  12. Part 11 – The Divine Nature of Scripture and the Magisterium

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