The Justifying Peace of God

The following quote from JC Ryle appeared at the “J.C. Ryle Quotes” blog today and I thought it serves as an excellent capstone to my series of posts related to Grace and Peace in Paul’s salutation to the Galatian churches (Gal 1:3).

Grace and Peace
Grace and Peace, Part 2
Grace and Peace, Part 3
Grace and Peace, Part 4
Grace and Peace, Part 5

“Without justification it is impossible to have real peace. Conscience forbids it. Sin is a mountain between a man and God, and must be taken away. The sense of guilt lies heavy on the heart, and must be removed. Unpardoned sin will murder peace. The true Christian knows all this well. His peace arises from a consciousness of his sins being forgiven, and his guilt being put away. His house is not built on sandy ground. His well is not a broken cistern, which can hold no water. He has peace with God, because he is justified.”

I highly recommend adding the Evangelical Bishop to your RSS feed if you haven’t already!


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