All of Grace

Charles SpurgeonThe below link will take you to a best selling booklet from Charles Spurgeon which is an “An Earnest Word with Those Who Are Seeking Salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ”.

—> Spurgeon Booklet: All of Grace


I. Introduction

The author hopes the message of this booklet, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will lead souls to Christ.

II. Purpose

It is not the intention of this booklet to make any demand upon the reader. The gospel is free to whomever will receive it.

III. God Justifies the Ungodly

A Holy God justifies unholy people. You are unholy! He doesn’t justify the just, because, by nature there are none. Would a Saviour be needed if people were Holy on their own? Would a physician be needed if there were no sickness? Would a pardon be needed without a debt? If you won’t admit you are sick, how can you receive medicine? Jesus came to save sinners. If you are not a sinner, how can you be saved?

IV. It is God that Justifies

You cannot justify yourself, unless you are guiltless. No one else but God is capable of justifying the guilty – only the injured party can forgive. When God justifies, He does so perfectly and everlastingly. Once the highest judge acquits, who can condemn. A sinner condemned by God is surer than a “righteous” man who was just by a perfect life (if there were such a thing).

V. Just and the Justifier

How can a just God justify a guilty man? The one offended suffers for the offender. This defies human reasoning and can only be accepted in regeneration. As we fell by our covenant representative Adam, so the elect stand in the second covenant Adam – Jesus. The just suffers for the unjust and the wrath of God is turned away and the law is satisfied. There is more merit in Christ’s debt than all the demerit we can accumulate. To believe on Christ is to trust in his sacrifice wholly as our own, therefore, we can never perish.

VI. Concerning Deliverance From Sinning

As believers, we can never be happy, restful, and healthy until we become holy. The sinful nature is powerful and cannot be tamed by power of will. Salvation would be sadly incomplete if it didn’t deal with our sinful nature. A new heart is a work of God promised in the New Covenant (Ez 11:19, 36:26). If you yield yourself to God’s divine work, He will subdue your old nature. The One who promised has the responsibility to do it. Trust in him and He will do it.

VII. By Grace Through Faith

We are saved “through” faith, but “by” grace. Grace is the first and last cause of salvation and is rooted in God’s character of grace, mercy, and goodness. Faith is the channel through which God’s grace reaches us. God’s goodness and mercy is the fountainhead. Never make a Christ out of your faith, it is not the source of your salvation. The power is not in faith, but in Jesus upon whom the faith rests.

VIII. What is Faith?

Faith is made up of knowledge, belief, and trust. Knowledge is first because you must know a fact before you believe it – “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?” We must know as much of the Gospel as we can, if we are to believe it. Next, we must believe these things are true. Once you believe it, you must trust in it. To trust in the gospel is to place all your hope in it as your salvation.

IX. Illustration of Faith

Faith is illustrated in, the eye which looks to Christ, the hand which grasps him, and the mouth which feeds upon Him.

X. Why We Are Saved by Faith

Faith is the hand by which a begger receives. Faith makes the ground of salvation outside the one that receives it; faith is a receiving, not a creating or earning. This way, all glory is given to the one who gives, not to the one that receives.

XI. We Can Do Nothing

The gospel asks a sinner to do what he has no power to do because he is powerless, helpless, and lifeless; but, the gospel takes into account our low estate. The good news is that Christ has done for us what is needed to be done, for “When we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” Our weakness does not allow us to sufficiently repent; we will never see Christ by our repentance, but by seeing Christ, we will have repentance. If the Devil convinces you that you are a sinner, remember that Christ died to save sinners. Put your confidence not in your own faith or attempt to believe, but rather put your faith in Christ who died to save such sinners; it is not great faith, but rather true faith that saves. If you think you cannot have faith because of your love for sin (“When we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly”), trust in Christ and He will give you strength over sin. How can we live in sin, when he died to set us free from it?

XII. How to Increase Faith

In short, the only way to believe is just to believe. If you still have difficulty, pray about it – the Lord is willing to make Himself known. Hear the gospel frequently – “faith cometh by hearing.” Next, listen to the testimony of others. Remember it is by God’s own authority that you are commanded to believe. Remember that what we are commanded to believe is the most wonderful facts of history. When you think how wonderful Christ is, the real question is, “how can you not believe?”

XIII. Regeneration (New Birth) and the Holy Spirit

You must be born again (John 3:3), and this is not in your power to do, yet, verse 16 states that “whosoever believeth…” will have eternal life. We reconcile those statements only by understanding that those who believe have everything they need, and their belief is evidence of their new birth. It is our responsibility to believe, it is His perogative to give the new birth. Our responsibility is to repent and believe, and when we have, we understand that it was by His power.

XIV. Jesus Has Risen

We do not put our faith in a dead Jesus! He has all power and glory and lives to make intercession on our behalf. He is the crowned King and His kingdom rules over all. He suffered for us once, but now reigns in glory over the universe for us.

XV. Repentance is tied to Forgiveness

Acts 5:31 states that the one who was crucified for sin has been exalted to grant repentance and forgiveness of sin. Repentance and forgiveness go hand-in-hand. By separating repentance from forgiveness, God would be forgiving sin while endorsing it. By refusing to turn from sin, we evidence we have not been forgiven, but if we forsake our sins and by grace “…confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” A grace from God that can cleanse the guilt of sin, but cannot deliever from the power of sin would be a weak grace. There never was a man who turned to Jesus in repentance of his sin, who was not saved; and there never was a man who was forgiven of his sin, but who refused to turn from it. A hatred of sin and a sense of pardon come into the soul together. Repentance takes place over a lifetime and it grows as faith grows in the heart. Repentance is never the cause of forgiveness, but is the companion to it. Repentance cannot preceed grace, but rather is caused by it.

XVI. How Repentance is Given

Back to Acts 5:31 – “Him hath God exalted … to give repentance to Israel…”. What Jesus has done has made repentance possible, available, and acceptable. Jesus has done what was necessary to give us repentance and to make it acceptable. The Holy Ghost creates repentance in us by giving us the new birth. We cannot force or strain for repentance, it flows freely out of grace. Meditate on the atonement of Christ and pray for the Spirit to grant you repentance and you will have it.

XVII. The Fear of Falling Away

Those who start out trusting in their own faith, start out on a faulty path and fall away after some time. If we trust in Christ for everything except one small point, that is the point in which we will fail. If Christ is the beginning of our faith, He is the end, also. If you are a true believer in Christ, you will have a hunger after fresh sustaining grace day-by-day. It is the Lord alone is able to keep us from falling and salvation is His work from first to last.

XVIII. Eternal Security

I Cor 1:8 states, “[He]…shall confirm you unto the end, that ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Being confirmed in the faith is a work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of someone who has received the new birth. The Lord will give assurance of salvation to those that trust in Him for eternal life. We are kept by the power of God, by faith, unto salvation – all the way to the end! Eternal salvation and preservation are not in our own power, but rather Christ keeps us unto the end (eternal Salvation is eternal).

XIX. Why Do Saints Persevere?

They persevere because, “God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ” (1 Cor. 1:9). It is not we that are faithful, but rather that God is faithful. He is faithful to his purposes and promises, and to Christ and His Covenant, and to us His people. His faithfulness is our hope. If we are preserved in faith and holyness, it is His grace that preserves us. We are preserved because He has called us and His calling is without repentance; if we are called unto Christ, we are united to Christ and our standing is with and in Him. We should remember all He has done to save us and trust that He will complete it.

XX. Final Notes

The information in this booklet does you no good, unless you receive it. If you refuse Christ, you have no one to blame. If you receive Him, let Jesus be everything to you and let the free grace of God receive all the glory. If you are a believer, watch for the souls of others. Spread the word of the Lord wherever you can.

“Reader, meet me in heaven! Do not go down to hell. There is no coming back again from that abode of misery. Why do you wish to enter the way of death when Heaven’s gate is open before you? Do not refuse the free pardon, the full salvation which Jesus grants to all who trust Him. Do not hesitate and delay. You have had enough of resolving, come to action. Believe in Jesus now, with full and immediate decision. Take with you words and come unto your Lord this day, even this day. Remember, O soul, it may be now or never with you. Let it be now; it would be horrible that it should be never.
Again I charge you, meet me in heaven.”


Notable Quote ON REPENTANCE…

“I hear another man cry, “Oh, sir my want of strength lies mainly in this, that I cannot repent sufficiently!” A curious idea men have of what repentance is! Many fancy that so many tears are to be shed, and so many groans are to be heaved, and so much despair is to be endured. Whence comes this unreasonable notion? Unbelief and despair are sins, and therefore I do not see how they can be constituent elements of acceptable repentance; yet there are many who regard them as necessary parts of true Christian experience. They are in great error. Still, I know what they mean, for in the days of my darkness I used to feel in the same way. I desired to repent, but I thought that I could not do it, and yet all the while I was repenting. Odd as it may sound, I felt that I could not feel. I used to get into a corner and weep, because I could not weep; and I fell into bitter sorrow because I could not sorrow for sin…My heart was broken to think that it would not break. Now I can see that I was exhibiting the very thing which I thought I did not possess; but then I knew not where I was. Oh that I could help others into the light which I now enjoy! … Remember that the man who truly repents is never satisfied with his own repentance. We can no more repent perfectly than we can live perfectly. However pure our tears, there will always be some dirt in them: there will be something to be repented of even in our best repentance. But listen! To repent is to change your mind about sin, and Christ, and all the great things of God. There is sorrow implied in this; but the main point is the turning of the heart from sin to Christ.”


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