Sermon on Justification by Grace

Charles SpurgeonThe below link will take you to a sermon by Charles Spurgeon preached on Lord’s Day morning, April 5, 1857. The topic is

    Justification by Grace

and the passage preached is:

“Being justified freely by his grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Rom. 3:24.

—> Spurgeon Sermon


Brief Outline

I The redemption that is in Jesus Christ

A. The ransom price paid for a slave
B. All the ransom price paid at once – “It is finished”
C. All the ransom price paid by Christ alone
D. The ransom price was accepted by God

1. Resurrection
2. Ascension

II The effect of the ransom

A. Forensic Justification

1. Not a pardon
2. Declaration of “Not Guilty”
3. We are guilty and justified – not humanly possible

B. How God justifies a sinner

1. Imputation of guilt
2. Vicarious suffering

C. Characteristics of justification

1. No longer guilty of any sin
2. Imputation of Christ’s righteousness
3. Justification is irreversible – Rom 5:1

a. No condemnation for one justified
b. No accusation for one not guilty

III The manner of giving justification

A. Free by His grace

1. Price already paid
2. “Whosoever will may come…”

B. He gives grace for faith then grace for good works

Oh! believe on Christ, poor sinners; believe on Christ. Ye who know your guilt and misery come, cast yourselves upon him; come, and trust my Master, and as he lives, before whom I stand, you shall never trust him in vain; but you shall find yourselves forgiven, and go your way rejoicing in Christ Jesus.


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