He Gave Himself For Our Sins, part 3

Charles SpurgeonThe following link will direct you to Charles Spurgeon’s expossition of Gal 1:4, “The Object of Christ’s Death” delivered on the “Lord’s-day Evening”, August 15th, 1886.  Mr. Spurgeon outlines what it means that Christ gave himself for our sins.

Spurgeon Sermon

Brief Outline

A. Deliver from the condemnation of this present evil world
B. Deliver from the condition in which the world is found
C. Deliver from the world’s customs
D. Deliver from the spirit of the world
E. Deliver from all fear of this world

A. He gave himself
B. For our sins
C. To remove condemnation
D. To make sin hateful
E. To make example in dying for his enemies
[Eph 2:15-16]

A. Our holiness was in the purpose of God
“…according to the will of God and our Father”

A. God is glorified in Christ’s death
B. Let us glorify God


…I do not believe that there ever would have been a man delivered from this present evil world if it had not been according to the will, the purpose, the predestination of God, even our Father. It needs a mighty tug to get a man away from the world. It is a miracle for a man to live in the world, and yet not to be of it; it is a continuous miracle of so vast a kind that I am sure it would never have been wrought if it had not been according to the will of God our Father. Yet so it stood in the divine decree, that there should be a people chosen from among men, a people who should be called out from among the mass of the ungodly, who should be drawn by supernatural power to follow after that which is right and good and holy, who should be washed in the blood of Jesus, and renewed by the Holy Spirit in the spirit of their minds, and henceforth should be a peculiar people, in the world but not of it, the people of God set apart unto himself, to be his now, and his hereafter for ever and ever. I delight to remember that this is the will of God, even our sanctification, our separation from the world.

…You need not range the world around to see the glory of God in nature, though that is a delightful employment, for there is enough glory in the cross of Christ to last throughout all eternity.

…O you poor souls who are still in the world, God help you to get out of it! O you who are lost and ruined, there is no hope for you but in Jesus Christ our Savior! Tell all men about him, brethren and sisters. You who are saved, talk about Christ everywhere; let no man whom you ever meet be without a knowledge of the way of salvation.


One thought on “He Gave Himself For Our Sins, part 3

  1. i like this title that says “He gave Himself for our sins” because indeed He was not forced to die for us but because of His unconditional love and He knew that our ways were leading or heading to destruction, and He chosed to die on our behalves so that we may be delivered from our sins. the Bible says that God delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and He conveyed us into the Kingdom of His dear Son, by redeeming us by His only blood. We should not forget this and we should meditate on this daily. i thank Jesus for His Cross.

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